Benefits of PoE Lighting Systems

 Cost Saving

 Time Saving

 Energy Saving





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PowerNet is Green Apple's PoE Lighting Solution integrated with the Inspextor system

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A new generation of digital LED lighting is here, introducing the INSPEXTOR™ Power over Ethernet (PoE) Lighting Solution.

MHT Lighting has over a decade of designing and manufacturing energy efficient lighting and is one of the pioneers of PoE Lighting. Our high quality products, patented technology and experience make MHT Lighting a proven leader in the Power over Ethernet Industry.

Create an Employee-centric Digital Ceiling for your buildings.

  • Powered by PoE, each LED light fixture can be a standard RJ-45 connector plug-and-play device with its own individually addressable IP address. 

  • Moreover, adding sensors to the LED fixture transforms it from a lighting-only fixture to an intelligent LED hub.

  • With this configuration, each intelligent LED hub can collect information on ambient lighting, temperature, humidity, and anonymous room-occupancy data which it then communicates back to a controller.